A Quarry Case Study - facts and figures

This is to test knowledge of the case study for ordanary quarrying, this is NOT FOR QUARRY RESTORATION

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1. What was this made into and how much was made of this?(per year)

  • 1.3 million tons of Cement
  • 1.5 Million tons of Cement
  • 1.2 million tons of Brick
  • 1.3 million tons of Brick
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2. How much CO2 is produce per year there?

  • 1.5 million tons
  • 1 million tons
  • 2 million tons
  • 15 milion tons

3. Where is this quarry?(Nearby town)

  • Castleton
  • Crewe
  • Congleton
  • Cattlewick

4. Which one of these did not happen there?

  • Quiet machines have been used to cause minimum disturbance to nearby houses
  • Landscaping, by planting trees and plant to reduce visual pollution.
  • Efforts have been made to reduce dust, washing the lorries regularly.
  • One old quarry is used as a nature reserve

5. What is the case study you learned about for quarrying? (Not quarry restoration)

  • Castleton Quarry
  • Hollow Banks Quarry
  • Hope Quarry
  • New Hope Quarry


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