Sichuan earthquake Case Study


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Case Study Sichuan Earthquake Location: China, Central China, Sichuan
Name: Province
Use of the
Case Study Earthquake case study in poor part of world- Poor
their specific causes; primary and secondary
effects; immediate and long term responses
­ the need to predict, protect and prepare.
Contrasts in effects and responses will be
Key facts
and 12 May 2008 2:28pm (During school and
figures: word day) Longmensham Fault (Indian Plate
and Eurasian Plate collision) 7.9 Richter
70,000 killed Secondary -Land and mobile phone Remembering the Case Study (Picture, Phrase, poem, rap etc.)
Primary 374,000 injured Effects networks did not work
Effects 5 million homeless -Roads blocked by landslide
5 million buildings collapsed causing further problems
Many schools destroyed due to poor responding
building standards, high proportion of those -Rivers were blocked by mud
killed were children. Once child policy in this slides, fears of flooding
region so entire generations lost.
Immediate -Emergency help took over 30 hours to get -1 million small temporary house
Response to Wenchuan Long Term built
-20 helicopter to help with relief efforts sent Response -$10 million re-building fund
-Thousands of troops parachuted and hiked -Government wrote off the
in debts owed by those with no
-3.3 million tents needed insurance
-International aid needed -Aim to re-build within 3 years
Mass text message sent out by the
government to ask for help
Planning, -Very little work has been done
prediction -Some building regulations were in place, but
and mot building had not been built to the
Prevention required standard

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Large amount of resources available to help
in the country
Example Describe and compare the primary impacts Answer
Exam of earthquakes in rich and poor parts of the (Continue
Question: world that you have studied. onto back):
Hint: READ
Describe and compare the preparation and THE
responses to earthquakes in rich and poor QUESTIONS
parts of the world you have studied.…read more


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