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Case Study Location: South America, Western Side
Name: Andes Mountain Range
Use of the
Case Study A case study of one range of fold mountains, the way in which
they are used and how people have adapted to limited
communications, steep relief and poor soils.
Key facts 7,000km length, 300km width, average height of 4,000m m
and Steep Environment, little flat land, Nazca Plate and S. American
figures: Plate Llamas 25% body weight
Yanacocha Gold Mine (Peru) Distinctive paths of settlements
Bolivia- Subsistence farming. Including potatoes (choice of crop) Remembering
Farming Terraces used to create flat land (terraces also hold water) the Case Study
Some crops in valleys grown (people live in the valley floor) (Picture,
Animal dung is dug into add nutrition Phrase, poem,
Cash crops soyabeans, rice and cotton rap etc.)
Wide grazing area
Llamas- Carry over 25% of body weight- Pack animals (mainly
Female llamas- meat, milk and wool
Mining -Lots of important minerals (tin, nickel, silver and gold)
-Yanacocha Gold Mine (Peru) world's largest rock sprayed
with cyanide (can contaminate water)
HEP -Steep slopes and narrow valleys
-Yuncan dam project (North East Peru)
-Natural attraction peaks, volcanoes, glaciers and lakes
Tourism -Visiting settlements
-Inca Trail and Machu Picchu
Example Describe the ways in which a fold mountain area you have Answer
Exam studied is used. (Continue onto
Question: back):

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Describe how people have adapted to the conditions in a fold Hints: Name it,
mountain area you have studied.…read more


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