boxing day tsunami case study


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Case Study Location: Destructive plate margin, west of
Name: Indian Ocean Tsunami (Boxing Day Indonesia in the Indian Ocean
Use of the
Case Study A case study of a tsunami ­ its cause,
effects and responses
Key facts
and 26th Dec 2004 9.1 Richter scale
figures: earthquake 30m high tsunami
waves 230,000 killed 1.7 million
Cause -Destructive plate margin g the Case
-Plate slipped forcing it upwards, Study
displacing the water (Picture,
-Long wave length hit continental Phrase,
shelf shortened wave length, poem, rap
increased wave height etc.)
-Affected most of the Indian ocean
-230,000 killed
Effects -1.7 million lost their homes
-Infrastructure severely damaged
(roads, water, pipes and electric lines)

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Economic damage fisherman lost
livelihoods, tourism suffered
-Environmental damage salt water
stopped plants growing. Ecosystems
destroyed.…read more


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