Why are women more religious than men?

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Why are women more religious than men?

Socialisation, motherhood and femininity

- Men and women in many societies continue to be socialised into different roles

- Miller and Hoffmann (1995) suggest than gender socialisation means that females are brought up to be more; submissive, passive, obedient and nurturing than males and are more involved with their feelings, cooperation and caring

These factors may explain women's greater involvement in religion in the following ways:

1. Guardians of the family

Women are often expected to be the guardians of family life, defenders of tradition in the family and to take on responsibilities for looking after the home, family and children

Halman and Draulans (2006) note that these roles give women a greater focus on the family and it is women rather than men who are more likely to feel it necessary to take charge of their childrens moral development and introduce them to approved social values

2. Visions of God

Davie (1994) suggests that women associate God with love, comfort and forgiveness, which are linked with traditional femininity and family roles. In contrast, men associate God more with power and control.

3. Nurturing

Bruce (1996) suggests that womens socialisation into the nurturing aspects makes them less confrontational, less aggressive and less domineering but more cooperative and more caring.

This would explain their greater involvement not


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