Feminist view of religion

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  • Feminist view of religon
    • religion is patriachal
      • religious organisations
        • traditional religions only allow male leadership eg/ orthodox judiasm, cathlocism, islam
    • religious places of worship
      • often segregate sexes, women viewed as a distraction
      • men- leadership and powerful roles. women- subservient, domestic roles
    • sacred texts
      • anti-female ideas, inferior, imposed  by men
      • he is in the glory of god but woman is in the glory of man
    • religious laws/ customs
      • genital mutilation, abortion banned, arranged marriages, driving ban, dress requirements
    • El saadawi
      • religion is not patriarchal but the culture it exsists in is
      • texts been misinterpreted and distorted by men and made patriahcal
      • islam and Christianity not patriachal- old texts show this
    • simone de beauvoire
      • must be religion for women as there much be women for religion
      • opium of the women, justifies inequality, feel closer to religion
      • needs women to produce next generation and domestic roles within church


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