Feminist view on religion

Quick look at the feminist view of religion and feminist theorists

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Feminists believe that the world is based on male domination. Religion reinforces that and religious practices and beliefs function as patriachal ideology. 

Evidence of patriachy:

  • Religious organisations: Mainly male dominated despite participation of women being higher
  • Places of worship: Often men and women are seperated; men put in the more sacred parts whilst women are hidden away from view
  • Sacred texts: Written and enterpreted by men. Women often viewed negatively 

- Jean Holm: Women are devalued in contemporary society
- Woodhead: Exclusion of women from priesthood shows the churches unease about womens emancipation
- El Sadaawi: Religion is not the direct cause, it just contributes  

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Evaluation of Feminist approach

  • Woodhead: There are feminist forms of religion, women can use religion to gain greater freedom
  • Watson: Agrees. e.g. Muslim women wear the hijab to get away from Western culture
  • Women use church for support and sharing

Watsons reasearch is based on only 3 Muslim women 

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