Gender and religiosity

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  • Gender and religiosity
    • church goers more likely to be women. 55% women and 44% men say they have a religion
      • women- more time, job frustration, role takes on caring position, see god in terms of love and acceptance, socialised into religious qualities, closer to birth and death
      • Men- less time, socilaised into qualities not religious, see god in terms of power, control, less attracted, more prone to risk taking
    • miller and hoffman
      • differential socialisation
        • women- passive submissive,obediant. key in religiosity. men with these traits are more religious
      • differential roles
        • women- less work more childrearing so have more time for religious activities, also concern for family wellbeing
      • risk taking
        • women more risk averse. men risk taking. risk averse men are more religious
    • Andrew Greeley
      • women less religious before they have partner or child. caring role. more associated with religioosity
    • grace davie
      • top positions in Christian church dominated by men
      • women see god of  love, comfort. men see the god of power,control. women closer to brith and death, look for answers in religion


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