Genderm, Feminism and Religion.

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  • Feminists believe religion can be an instrument of domination and oppression.
  • Religion is a product of patriarchy.
  • Religion  serves the interests of men rather than those of a capitalist class.
  • Anthony Giddens: Argues that the Christian religion is resolute by male affairs it its symbolism as well as it hierarchy. While Mary, the mother of Jesus, may sometimes be treated as if she had divine qualities, God is the father, a male figure, and jesus took the human shape of man.  Woman is portrayed as created from the rib of man.
  • Karen Armstrong: Argue that none of the major religions has been patriarchaly good to women. They have usually become male affairs and women have been relegated to a marginal position.
  • Women continue to be excluded from key religious roles.
  • Church of England only began allowing ordination of women in 1992.
  • In early history women were considered central to the spiritual quest.
  • As Societes developed religious beliefs in which there were held to be many different god and goddesses, the mother goddess still played a crucial role.
  • Armstrong argues that an Amosite myth dating from abot 1750 BC marked the start of the eventual decline of the goddess.
  • Jean Holm (1994): While classical teachings of many religions have stressed equality between men and women, in practice women have usually been far from equal. Women do play roles within religious practices and organizations but they always play subordinate roles.
  • E.g: Japanese Folk Religions, women organize public rituals but do not perform in them. In Chinese religion, women=yin/men=yang but yang being the most important spirit. Buddhism= men and women can play respective roles withing the…


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