USA Civil Rights 1945-1968 Key events and Acts


Civil Rights Key Events and Acts Timeline (1945-1968)

1865: 13th Amendment (Abolishes Slavery)

1868: 14th Amendment (All citizens equal by law, regardless of race)

1870: 15th Amendment (All citizens entitled to voting powers, regardless of race)

1866: Ku Klux Klan established.

1896: PLESSY Vs. FURGUSON (‘Separate but equal’ à Jim Crow Laws)

1910: Beginning of ‘Great Migration’

1941-45: WWII  à Pittsborough Courier ‘Double V Campaign’

1942: James Famer founds CORE (Congress of Racial Equality)

1943: Race Riots in Detroit, Harlem and Mobile, Alabama (25 black and 9 police killed) àShowed facto issues in north à wanted economic equality, angry by WWII

1945: Truman becomes President (democrat)

1946: MORGAN Vs. VIRGINIAà desegregated interstate transport

           CORE ‘Rides of Reconciliation tested)

1947: Truman Executive order FEPC (Fair Employment...

           ‘To Secure These Rights’

1948: Truman Executive order desegregating military

1950: SWEATT Vs. PAINTER à separate law schools illegal, they wouldn’t be ‘equal’ under plessy vs. Furguson 1896

1953: Eisenhower becomes President (Republican)

           Eisenhower appoints Earl Warren as Chief Justice in Supreme Court (‘biggest damn fool mistake’)

1954: BROWN Vs. TOPEKA (segregation of schools is unconstitutional)

1955: Brown II (‘with all…


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