Timeline of events

A timeline of the civil rights movement from 1945-1968. Suitable for A History.

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1948 Truman ends segregation in the army
1954 Brown v Board of Education, Topeka, Arkansas ­ Supreme Court judgement.
Thurgood Marshall NAACP, Earl Warren, Chief Justice of Supreme Court.
19556 Montgomery bus boycott
1956 Southern Manifesto
1957(60) Civil Rights Act:
law suits for voting rights (1960 act reinforced this)
1957 Little Rock, Arkansas
1960 Student sit ins, lunch counter, Woolworths
SNCC (Student Non-violent Co-ordinating Committee) set up
JFK 75% black vote
Thurgood Marshall appointed US Circuit Court Judge
1961 Freedom rides (CORE ­ Congress Of Racial Equality)
1962 James Meredith admitted into University of Mississippi
1963 April ­ SCLCC march in Birmingham, Alabama (Eugene `Bull' Connor)
Aug ­ March on Washington, MLK speech `I had a dream'
1964 Civil Rights Act ­ against discrimination in public places
MLK awarded Nobel Peace Prize
Freedom summer ­ SNCC, CORE and NAACP together to enfranchise blacks
(Mississippi murders)
Johnson's `Great Society'
1965 Voting Rights Act:
enforced 15th Amendment
no voting changes without federal approval
Riots in Selma (SCLCC), Chicago and Watts district, LA
MLK influence in decline
1966 Vietnam the number one issue in USA
1967 MLK condemns Vietnam War
Poor People's Campaign led by MLK
1968 MLK assassinated in Memphis (sanitation workers' strike)


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