Tourism - Case Study: Blackpool


Case Study: Blackpool

Blackpool is located in the North-West of England, in the county of Lancashire. It's population consists of around 142,100 people. During the 18th Century Blackpool became fashionable for the well-off to travel to the seaside during the summer. We study Blackpool because we need to see if the Butler Model works in real life.

There are 6 stages to The Butler Model they are:-

  • 1 - Exploration:- There are very few tourists and few facilities for them. Those who come are attracted by the quiet and the underdeveloped nature of the location. There is much interaction with local people.Tourism Type: Discovery or Adventure
  • 2 - Involvement:- Tourist numbers increase steadily and facilities begin to be provided. A tourism 'season' is defined and low key advertising may start. There is pressure on the local government to improve access and the promotion of tourism. Tourism Type: Independant Travellers
  • 3 - Development:- Number of tourists rise rapidly. Up to date facilities are provided, but are not run by local people. Tension begins to build between the locals and the outsiders who have now taken over control of the resort's development. There is much change. Tourism Type: Early Package Holiday
  • 4 - Consolidation:- Maximum tourist numbers. Peak number of facilities, the pace of change slows. Tourism Type: Package Holidays
  • 5 - Stagnation:- The resort begins to lose it's popularity due to changing fashions and ageing tourist facilities. The resort is working below it's capacity. Tourism Type: Cheap and Old-Fashioned Package Holiday


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