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Water on the Land

  • processes of erosion, transportation and deposition
  • long profile of a river
  • cross profile of a river
  • waterfalls and gorges
  • meanders and ox-bow lakes
  • effects on river dsicharge
  • physical and human causes of flooding
  • Case Study: Effect and responses to flooding - rich country UK (Tewkesbury 2007)
  • Case Study: Effect and responses to flooding - poor country (Bangladesh 2005)
  • flood management - hard and soft engineering the costs and benefits
  • Water Supply Case Study: Reservoir or Dam
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Challenge of Weather and Climate

  • UK climate characteristics
  • depression and anticylcones
  • extreme weather event : Boscastle floods (2004) European Heatwave (2003)
  • global climate change - evidence, cause and impacts
  • responses to climate change - variety of scales
  • formation of tropical storms
  • Case Study: Tropical storms(rich country): Hurricane Katrina, USA (2005)
  • Case Study: Tropical storms(poor country):Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines (2013)
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Restless Earth

  • location and type of plate boundaries
  • location and formation of ocean trenches and fold mountains
  • Case Study: uses of fold mountains
  • types of volcanoes
  • Case Study: volcanic eruption: Mount Merapi, Indonesia (2010)
  • prediction and monitoring of volcanoes
  • super volcano - global consequences
  • location and cause of earthquakes
  • measurement of earthquakes
  • Case Study: Earthquake (rich country): L'Aquila, Italy (2009)
  • Case Study: Earthquake (poor country): Port Au Prince, Haiti (2010)
  • Case Study: Tsunami - Tohuku, Japan (2011)
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Population Change

  • global population growth
  • demographic transition model
  • factors affecting population growth
  • rapid population growth - implications and strategies
  • Case Study : one child policy - China
  • ageing populations - implications and strategies
  • Case Study : EU country with an ageing population -  France
  • migration: push and pull factors and impacts: Poland to the UK
  • population movements: impact on source and receiving countries
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Urban Environments

  • causes of urbanisation
  • functions and land uses of urban areas
  • issues facing urban areas - housing, traffic, CBD redevelopment, cultural mix
  • rapid urbanisation: squatter settlements, case study of redevelopment
  • Case Study: Rocinha favela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • rapid urbanisation and industrialisation in poor countries - impacts and management
  • characteristics of sustainable cities
  • Case Study: Curitiba, Brazil
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  • global growth of tourism
  • importance of tourism to contrasting parts of world
  • tourism and the UK economy - effects on visitor numbers
  • tourist area life cycle in either a UK coastal areas or a UK National Park
  • Case Study: Blackpool or New Forest National Park
  • mass tourism-positive and negative effcts on economy and environment
  • Case Study: tropical tourists area- effects and management
  • Case Study: development of tourism in an extreme environment: Antartica
  • Case Study - ecotourism and contribution of tourism to sustainable development: Galapagos Islands
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