Case Study Solving Problems in Coastal Resorts Blackpool

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Case Study: Solving problems in coastal resorts ­ Blackpool p74 (second edition)
What was Blackpool like in 1850?
In 1850 Blackpool was a small village with a few hundred people. Today the population is
over 146000, and is one of the most important seaside resorts in Britain.
What happened during the Industrial revolution?
During the Industrial revolution, Lancashire became a major industrial area and the workers
and their families visited Blackpool for short holidays and outings because it was close by.
The opening of a railway line to Blackpool in 1846 made the resort even more accessible.
What are the problems of tourism growth in Blackpool?
Overcrowding, especially at weekends and bank holidays
Unemployment during the winter when facilities close down.
Keeping the beach and resort clean
Coping with coastal erosion
Land, air and water pollution
Competition from other resorts in Britain and abroad
The unreliability of British weather driving people abroad for guaranteed sunshine
How can Blackpool solve these population problems?
Investment by the local council in beach and street cleaning equipment
Provision for new facilities to attract visitors, some of which are indoor
Extending the season by offering topquality accommodation for conferences, and
the Blackpool illuminations in the autumn.
Providing new parking facilities, park and ride and encouraging the use of the trams
Building and maintaining groynes and sea walls
Reducing the amount of sand extraction that takes place along the coast from


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