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Tourism Case Studies…read more

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The Case Studies
UK tourism
Butlers model-Blackpool
UK National Park-Lake District
Mass tourism-Kenya (tropical country)
Extreme Environments-Antarctica
Ecotourism-Tataquara Lodge, Xingu River, Para
Brazil…read more

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UK Tourism
The UK is popular with its tourist because of its churches & cathedrals,
countryside, historical landmarks and castles & palaces.
London is especially popular for its museums, theatres and shopping.
Half of the visitors that go to the UK go to London.
In 2007 tourism contributed £114 billion to the economy and because of
tourism employed 1.4 million people.
There are many factors that affect the rate of tourism:
The threats of terrorism and other conflicts mean that people are less
willing to visit the country. This happened after the London bombings
on the 7th July 2005, tourism dropped sharply.
Bad weather can also affect tourism as it can discourage visitors. In
2007 a wet summer was blamed for the drop in overseas tourists.…read more

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UK Tourism
Other Factors:
Major events like the 2012 Olympic Games are
expected to attract huge numbers of tourists. Another
example of this is when Liverpool was European
Capital of Culture in 2008; 3.5 million visitors came
that had never visited before.
The Exchange rate also affects tourism. If the value of
the pound, in comparison to other countries, is low
then it will be cheaper to visit so there would be
more overseas visitors.…read more

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The Blackpool case study fits in with the Butlers Model, what you
need to know is how it fits and the problems and strategies of
Blackpool. So here is an example question with a full mark
To what extent has Blackpool's development as a tourist resort
followed the Butlers Model?
Blackpool follows the pattern of the Butler Model. Blackpool is
a seaside in Lancashire, its natural sandy beaches are what
attracted small numbers of visitors, this was Exploration, Stage
1 of the Butler Model. Stage 2, Involvement, was when the
railway was linked to Manchester and other densely populated
areas in Lancashire. This stage is when the locals see the
opportunities of tourism.…read more

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Answer continued:
Stage 3, which is Development, happened in 1900-1950's, the Blackpool
Tower and the Seafront Promenade were put in place and investments
were made into Blackpool.
Consolidation, Stage 4 is when the visitor numbers are steady but no
other investments are made. Stage 5, Stagnation is where Businesses
begin to fail. In Blackpool, at this point, 1000 hotels stopped trading and
300 holiday flat premises were closed down. After Stagnation, Blackpool
had a Slow Decline, Stage 6, where the numbers of visitors steadily fall.
In Blackpool, unreliable weather and guaranteed sun and warmth in
Mediterranean countries were what helped cause the Slow Decline.…read more

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