The effects of Institutionalisation and Privation.


So as well as the effects shown from the institutionalisation studies and the case studies of privation, there are other effects that can occur as the result of being in an instituton or experiencing privation.

Attachment Disorders:

This can be caused by institutionalisation/privation. Attachment disorder has recently been recognised as a distinct psychiatric condition and is included in the DSM. When some children experience disruptions of early attachments, this affects their social and emotional development. Children with this disorder have:

  • No preferred attachment figure.
  • An inability to interact and relate to others that is evident before the age of 5.
  • Experiences of severe neglect/frequent change of caregivers.

There are 2 types of disorder:

  • Reactive/Inhibited - shy and withdrawn, unable to cope with most social situations.
  • Disinhibited - over friendly and attention seeking.

Poor Parenting:

In Harlow's Monkeys, the babies that were raised with a surrogate mother went on to become poor parents.

Quinton et al. compared a group of 50 women who had been reared in institutions (care homes) with a control group of 50 women reared at home. When the women were in their 20's, it was found that the ex-institutional women were experiencing extreme difficulties acting as parents. Eg. more of the ex-institutional women had children who also spent time in care.

Deprivation dwarfism:

Children in institutional care are usually physically small; one…


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