Institutional Care and Privation

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Institutional Care and Privation.

Institutionalisation: can be the result of institutional care. An institution is a place dedicated to a task such as looking after children or the mentally ill. It is the place where people live for a period of time rather than daycare.

Study - Hodges and Tizard (EXPERIMENT)

Aim: They aimed to investigate the long-term effects of privation due to the institutionalisation, including the emotional and social effects in adolenscence.


  • 65 children who had been taken into care before the age of 4 months formed an opportunity sample
  • this was a natrualistic experiment using the matched pairs design as the institutionalised children were compared to the control group of children who were raised at home.
  • By the age of 4, 24 children had been adopted
  • 15 restored to their natural home and the rest remained in the institution
  • Assessed at ages, 4,8 and 16 on emotional and


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