Studies Of Memory - Ramponi et al. (2004)

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Levels Of Processing And Age Affect Involuntary Conceptual Priming Of Weak But Not Strong Associates


C. Ramponi, A. Richardson-Klavehn & J.M. Gardiner


To investigate the extent to which deep processing and age influence how well words recalled under voluntary and involuntary conditions.


48 with a mean age if 71.67 and 48 with a mean age of 23.81.


Each participant encountered prime words under each level of processing and with weak and strong associates between each pair (repeated measures), but participants could only be in either the young or old group (independent measures). Six lists of 28 word pairs were presented to each participants under different levels of processing conditions. For structural they were asked which word had more letters sticking up, for phonetic they were asked which had more syllables and for semantic they were asked which has the more pleasant meaning.

For intentional recall, the participant was given a word and…


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