Levels-Of-Processing Theory: Studies

A mind map of all of the studies about LOP, supporting and opposing, with the reason why they support of oppose.

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  • Levels-Of-Processing Theory: Studies
    • Opposing
      • HM Case Study
        • Supports Multi-Store Model
      • Smythe and Costal
        • Supports Multi-Store Model
      • Ramponi
        • remember through association, not processing method
      • Reber et al
        • words not remembered because of processing method
    • Supporting
      • Nyberg
        • required more activity because semantic is deeper processing
      • Elias and Perfetti
        • showed different levels where deeper had better recall
      • Grardiner et al
        • semantic learning worked despite damage, proving levels
      • Glenburg et al
        • elaboration is semantic and improved memory
      • Hyde and Jenkins
        • repetition is a bu-product not processing
      • Craik and Tulving
        • 96% processed semantically
      • Jarvis
        • showed semantic learning created better recall in exams


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