Stress Inoculation Training

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Meichenbaum's Stress Inoculation Training (SIT)

1) Conceptualisation: in this stage the client works with the therapist to identify the sources of stress in their lives. This may involve thinking back to stressful encounters and trying to identify the key features of these encounters. In addition, they would be encouraged to keep a diary to record stressful experiences during the daytime. The therapist may also challenge some of the client's appraisals of stressful situations if they seem exaggerated.

2) Skills training and rehearsal: for a number of stresses in people's lives it is possible for them to acquire specific skills to address those situations. For instance, a common source of stress is social anxiety, that is, interacting with other people either at work or socially. These types of situation can be addressed by specific training in relevant skills:

  • People with social anxiety often have poor non-verbal communication, for example not making eye contact or appearing unapproachable. They can be shown how to improve their social communication through skills training and practice.
  • A background issue in most stressful situations is physiological arousal. Therefore, regardless of the particular source of stress, training in relaxation is…




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