stress management

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  • Stress management
    • Stress inoculation training
      • Learn skills to "inoculate" themselves against any harmful effects of future stressors
      • 1) conceptualisation phase- build a relationship, taught about stress and how to think differently
      • 2) Skills acquisition phase- coping skills taught and practised- tailored to individuals
      • 3) Application phase- opportunities to apply new coping skills
    • Drug treatment
      • Benzodiazephines (BZ's)
        • increase the activity of neurotransmitter GABA
        • which reduces activity of other neurotransmitters
        • reduce serotonin and noradrenaline which reduces stress and anxiety
      • Beta-blockers (BB's)
        • Reduce activation of the CV system.
        • bind to the cells of the heart and block them being stimulated
        • decrease adrenaline, blood pressure and heart rate


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