psychological methods of stress management


Psychological methods of stress management

Stress inoculation therapy

Meichenbaum 1985

·         Believed that although we cannot change the causes of stress we can change the way that we think about these stressors

·          Negative thinking may lead to negative outcomes such as anxiety and depression.

·          Positive thinking leads to positive attitudes and feelings and therefore reduce stress

·          Stress inoculation therapy is a form of cognitive behavioural therapy- trying to develop a coping mechanism before the problem arises.

 Stress inoculation therapy is split into three phases:

Conceptualisation phase:

·         Therapist and patient develop a relationship.

·         Patient is educated the impact and nature of stress

·         Taught that stress is a problem to be solved

Skills acquisition phase:

·         Coping skills taught and practised in the clinic and in real life

Eg. Positive thinking, relaxation, social skills, attention diversion, time management

Application phase:

·         Apply the newly learned coping skills in different situations which become increasingly stressful

·          Skills used


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