R.S/R.E Edexcel Section 3 - Religion and the family

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Section 3 – Marriage and the family


Topic 3.1 – Changing attitudes to marriage, divorce, family life and homosexuality in the UK and reasons for them


·         Fifty years ago most people only had sex in marriage and they married in Church. The opposite is often true now. This is because there is safer contraception and religion is not as important.

·         Divorce and remarriage used to be rare but not two in five marriages end in divorce. This is because of woman’s rights and cheaper, easier divorce.

·         Family life has changed; often parents are not married, or remarried. This is because attitudes have changed to sex, marriage and divorce

·         Homosexuality used to be illegal but now homosexuals have the same rights to sexual activity as heterosexuals – including civil partnerships. This is because of discoveries showing homosexuality is natural and changes in the law

Key Terms

·         Civil Partnership – A legal ceremony giving a homosexual couples the same rights as husband and wife

·         Cohabitation – living together without being married

·         Nuclear family – Mother, father and children living together as one unit

·         Re-constituted family – Two sets of children (step-brothers and step-sisters) become one family when their divorced parents marry each other

·         Homosexual – attraction to the same sex

·         Re-Marriage – Marrying again after being divorced


Topic 3.2 – Christian attitudes to sex outside marriage and reasons for them


·         All Christians believe adultery is wrong as it breaks one of the ten commandments

·         Most Christians believe that sex before marriage is wrong because the church and the bible teach this

·         Christians believe procreation within marriage is the purpose of sex

·         Adultery is condemned by Jesus in the Gospels

Key Terms

·         Pre-marital sex – sex before marriage

·         Adultery – a sexual act between a married person and someone who is not their marriage partner.

·         Faithfulness – Staying with your marriage partner and only having sex with them

·         Procreation – making new life

·         Promiscuity – having sex with a number of partners without commitment


Topic 3.3 – Attitudes to sex outside marriage in Islam and reasons for them


·         Sex before marriage is forbidden in the Qur’an

·         Islam


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