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Religion & Community Cohesion ­ Section 4
Roles of Men & Women

Changing attitudes

Women are now allowed to vote
The right to equal pay
The right not to be discriminated

Christian attitudes

Traditional attitude (held mainly by some Evangelical Christians) - Teaches that man should be the
head of…

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Modern attitude ­ This teaches that men and women should have equal roles and that women can
have a career, and should worship in the mosque. However, they believe that family commitments
should come first for women and that men should worship separately in the mosque. They believe
this because:…

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Passed the Races Relations Act
Passing Crime & Disorder Act ­ higher penalties where evidence of racial/religious hostility
Passing Racial & Religious Hatred Act ­ an offence to use threatening words/behaviour
Established Equality & Human Rights Commission

How Religions Promote Community Cohesion

Religions understanding what they have in common with…


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