Edexcel RE Religion & Community Cohesion

Edexcel RE Religion & Community Cohesion - GCSE Level

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Religion & Community Cohesion ­ Section 4
Roles of Men & Women
Changing attitudes
Women are now allowed to vote
The right to equal pay
The right not to be discriminated
Christian attitudes
Traditional attitude (held mainly by some Evangelical Christians) - Teaches that man should be the
head of the family and women should not speak in church or be minister/priests. The reasons for this
view are:
St Paul's statements in the Bible about women not being allowed to speak in church, and having to submit to
their husbands
Their belief that the Bible is the unalterable word of God
The Liberal Attitude ­ Teaches that men and women should have equal roles in life including religion.
Many protestant Churches (e.g. the Church of England, Methodist) not only have equal roles for men
and women but also have women ministers/priests. They believe this because:
St Paul said, "There is neither... male nor female for you are all one in Christ"
Jesus treated women as his equals and ad women followers like Martha and her sister Mary Jesus' women
followers were the only people to stay with him for his crucifixion and Mary Magdalene was the first to see
him when he rose from the dead
They believe Jesus chose men as disciples because of the culture of the time and not for any theological
The Catholic Attitude ­ This says that men and women should have equal roles and equal rights
because men and women have equal status in the eyes of God. However the Catholic Church teaches
that only men can become priests. They believe this because:
Jesus only chose men to be his successors
Jesus was a man and the priests represents Jesus in the Mass
Muslim attitudes
Traditional attitude - Teaches that God has given men and women different but equal roles in life.
Men should support the family, while women have children and bring them up. Both men and women
have the role of bringing up the children as good Muslims, but men have more responsibilities
because of their role as provider. Men and women should pray separately and only men have a duty
to pray in the mosque. They believe this because:
The Qur'an teaches these roles
These are the roles shown in the Shar'iah Law

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Modern attitude ­ This teaches that men and women should have equal roles and that women can
have a career, and should worship in the mosque. However, they believe that family commitments
should come first for women and that men should worship separately in the mosque.…read more

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Passed the Races Relations Act
Passing Crime & Disorder Act ­ higher penalties where evidence of racial/religious hostility
Passing Racial & Religious Hatred Act ­ an offence to use threatening words/behaviour
Established Equality & Human Rights Commission
How Religions Promote Community Cohesion
Religions understanding what they have in common with each other e.g. Judaism, Islam, Christianity all
share the same prophets e.g.…read more


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