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The Nature of God

Christian Beliefs

Christians are monotheists; they believe there is only
one God. Christians, like many other religions, believe
God is like nothing else that exists. This means it is
difficult to describe God, because he is beyond
imagination, and words only describe the ordinary, and

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loving relationship between God and worshipper. The father, God, really cares about what he has
created. Christians sometimes call God "mother", to show that God is not limited as being male or

God the Son
Christians believe Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God. They believe God chose…

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argue it came from God. A final reason is that it may be useful for a person to become religious.
Religion may offer financial support or advice, friends and a sense of belonging.

People often argue that there is no God. They may say the universe was not created by…

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God in the World

Christians believe that God did not just leave the world after he created it. They believe God has a
relationship with humanity, and has done since the first people. They believe this relationship
continues today.

Many Christians believe that God acts in the world through miracles.…


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