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The Nature of God
Christian Beliefs
Christians are monotheists; they believe there is only
one God. Christians, like many other religions, believe
God is like nothing else that exists. This means it is
difficult to describe God, because he is beyond
imagination, and words only describe the ordinary, and
God is not ordinary. God is described as "Holy", which
means, special, separate, different and very import to
the religion in question.
Christians believe god is:
-Eternal: beyond time and space
-Not limited by having a physical body and is everywhere at all times.
-The creator of the world and everything in it, and has a purpose for the world.
-Perfectly good and perfectly loving
- Interested in how people behave, and wants them to treat each other properly
Omnipotent ­ All powerful (Think smell- potent smell = powerful smell)
Omni benevolent ­ Perfectly good and loving (unlike ancient Gods, particularly Greek)
Omnipresent ­ Everywhere at all times
Eternal ­ Beyond time and space (Also infinite)
Interested/Judge ­ wants us to treat the world and each other properly
Holy Trinity
It is difficult to understand how God is the creator of this massive universe, yet is
interested in every single person on the Earth, no matter how insignificant they are.
One of the ways Christians try to express their understanding of what God is like is
called the doctrine of the Trinity. This belief tries to express how God can be understood in 3
different ways: God as the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. However, this does not mean there
are 3 different God's; a man can be a father, a son and a brother, much like God. The doctrine of the
Trinity shows how God's relationship with humanity works in different ways.
God the Father
Calling God "father" shows that Christians believe he created everything. It also shows the close and

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God and worshipper. The father, God, really cares about what he has
created. Christians sometimes call God "mother", to show that God is not limited as being male or
God the Son
Christians believe Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God.…read more

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God. A final reason is that it may be useful for a person to become religious.
Religion may offer financial support or advice, friends and a sense of belonging.
People often argue that there is no God. They may say the universe was not created by God, but by
chance or as the result of a "Big Bang" which did not require a god.…read more

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God in the World
Christians believe that God did not just leave the world after he created it. They believe God has a
relationship with humanity, and has done since the first people. They believe this relationship
continues today.
Many Christians believe that God acts in the world through miracles. They believe that God
occasionally changes the rules of nature so that people can have a glimpse of God's nature and reach
a better understanding.…read more


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