R.S/R.E The Nature of Belief Revison Notes

Revision notes I made for personal use. Covers all areas that I have been taught to do with Nature of Belief. Some extra information which may not be needed included too.

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R.E Revision!

Nature of Belief

The Church Building

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R.E Revision!

The Architecture of the Church

There are many types of church building. Traditional Anglican and Roman Catholic churches are
cross-shaped (cruciform). The cross symbolizes the death and resurrection of Jesus

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The tower or steeple symbolizes the link between heaven and Earth.

Inside the Church

The font is used for baptism, and is often by the door to symbolize entry into
the church

The altar is where Holy Communion is celebrated, showing the belief that
Jesus sacrificed himself for…

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Many Christians set aside a time of day for private worship. They may read a passage from the
bible, whilst looking at another book to help their understating. They will probably pray silently,
about anything that is a concern to them, such as an ill relative, money concerns,…

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The fish symbol was a secret sign for Christians to meet during times when they were prosecuted. A
fish symbol may have been used as the disciples are fisherman. It is also an acrostic of "Jesus Christ,
God's Son, Saviour" (An acrostic is an "arrangement of words in…

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The cross is the most important symbol in Christianity. It represents the death of Jesus, the son of

A cross with Jesus on it

Anchor Cross

Latin Cross

Calvary Cross (Calvary is the hill Jesus was crucified on)

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Art and Music

Art and music is important to some Christians in worshipping. Christians from different traditions
have different ideas about the ways in which they are best used.


In Christianity, music is often seen as a way of giving God the best that humanity has to…

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Christianity is different to some religions. There are no religious laws telling believers what they must
and must not eat. It seems likely that Jesus ate meat, like other Jews, and there are stories in the
New Testament which tell of Jesus performing miracles providing fish for…


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