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Section 3- Worship & Celebration
Unit 3.1-3.11…read more

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3.1- Shahadah
1. Repeated in Salaah- oneness of Allah
2. The purpose of life is to live it according to how Allah wants us to. Declaring
the Shahadah is a life commitment that we will live it according to Allah likes
us to live it.
3. A Muslim preforms every act by declaring the name of Allah. This is Ibadah.
Worshipping Allah means to serve Him, which is what is done by every Muslim
which means they must do it to their best ability.
4. Allah gave us life, so we should live it to how He wants us to. This is by
following the prophet (SAW) and Allah's commands
A Muslim Declares:
1. By saying this a Muslim declares there's no space for another God but Allah. This
is a very hard Promise to keep, because for a Muslim it is important to live a life
acceptable and pleasing to Allah. Accepting the Shahadah, means that you will
obey all His commands and nothing less than complete obedience.
2. The belief in the messenger of Allah (SWT) is accepting that Islam, is the final
and complete guidance for humans. It is also a statement where one is
declaring that they will follow his guidance throughout their life and use him a
role-model. This is the best way to ensure you live a life pleasing to Allah…read more

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3.2- Salah
1. Commanded in the Qur'an, `establish regular
2. They must remember Allah during the day. Doing
this helps them Feel closer To Allah.
3. Salaah is a personal conversation between a
Muslim and their Lord
4. Unites them with other Muslims
1. It is showing total submission to Allah, seeking His forgiveness
2. Salaah reminds a Muslim who their Lord is and why they were sent down. It's a
constant reminder
3. Allah Has told us we will be rewarded for it, `The0n do you remember me; I shall
remember you...' (2:152)
4. A Muslim gains benefit form Salaah. They have to pray using their hearts. Doing
this cleanses the heart.…read more

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3.3- Zakat
What is it?
Muslims believe:
1. All men and women belong to Allah
2. Everything we have is going to go back to Allah, so Allah
will judge us on how we spend it
3. We have to share what we have with other people
`Establish prayer and pay
1. Commanded in the Qur'an (2:110) Zakat...'
2. Purifies obsessions (2:110)
3. Takes out selfishness
4. Shows submission
5. Creates equality…read more

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3.4- Zakat To The Ummah
Muslims have a
duty to help others
who are in need. Knowing that all
Obeying Allah's
Muhammad Muslims are giving
command unites
taught that charity at the same Helps gain spiritual
the Ummah and
whoever eats to time, for the same riches
demonstrates the
his fill, while his purpose bring
act of faith
neighbours are unity to Muslims
hungry, is not a
Muslim…read more

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3.5- Ramadan
Why do Muslims fast?
1. Commanded in the Qur'an (2:185)
2. Creates fellowship with other Muslims because your
fasting at the same time
3. Give thanks to the Qur'an which was revealed in this
4. It's a physical experience as well as a spiritual experience.
It cleanses the heart and inner self…read more

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