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Different beliefs about God and the Devil
Some Christians believe that there is evil in the world because of the
Devil, sometimes known as Satan. The Devil is believed to be the
enemy of God, who rules in hell and who tries to make humanity turn
away from goodness. According…

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Some Christian responses to the problem
of evil
Christians usually find it very difficult to explain the existence of evil.
Sometimes, they say that it is the result of the Fall of Adam and Eve:
because the first people rebelled against God, they brought evil and
suffering into a world…

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How can Christians tell right from wrong?
Christians believe that, as part of their response to God, they should try
to avoid evil and to do good, because they believe that God is perfectly
good and that they should try to become like God as much as they can.

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How can Christians tell right from wrong?
The Bible
The Bible, as the holy book of Christianity, is often used as a source of
moral guidance. Christians study the teachings of the Bible, and try to
work out how to apply it to their own lives and situations. Some of…

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Why do Christians try to follow a moral
Christians believe that God is perfectly good, and that humanity was
made 'in the image of God' (Genesis 1:27), with the capability to share
in God's goodness. Christians, like Jews, are ethical monotheists
they believe in one God, who is the…

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The example of Christ
Sometimes, Christians try to work out the right thing to do by imagining
what Jesus would do in the same circumstances. Because Christians
believe that Jesus was the Son of God, they believe that he always
acted and spoke in the right way. They try to…


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