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Death and the Afterlife

Christian Beliefs about the Soul

Christians believe each person is made of 3 parts ­ the MIND, BODY, and SOUL. The soul is immortal
and cannot be seen. The soul is what makes people different to animals, who the bible says are just
made from the…

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Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

Christians think hell is a poetic way of describing and eternity without God

Christians in the middle ages were every preoccupied with hell, and thought it was
a place of everlasting torture (represented usually by fire) for people who turned
their back on the Christian…

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Roman Catholic idea (in Roman Catholic Teachings)

A state after death for people who are not completely ready to go straight to

Souls stay in purgatory until they are free from sin.

Roman Catholics often pray for the souls of those who have died, in the hope that…

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that although everyone has done wrong, they will be forgiven if they are really sorry, because of
their faith in Christ. When Paul wrote to the new churches in the early days of Christianity, he assured
them that their faith meant that they would not be harshly judged:

Therefore, there…

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More prayers will be said, asking God to be merciful to the dead person's soul and reminding people
that all life is given by God and that God decides when to take it away.

A wreath may be laid on the person's coffin.

After the funeral, those who attended the…


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