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Matters of Life & Death­ Section 2
Changing Attitudes

Marriage and Family Life

Most people have sex before they are married
It is much more acceptable for couples to live together before marrying (cohabit)
The average age for marriage has increased (31 for mean and 29 for women)
Fewer people…

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Various law changes more acceptable
Medical research has shown that homosexuality is most probably genetic. Therefore many people
accept it as `normal'.
The increased openness of gay celebrities has led to greater acceptance of homosexuality
The work of organisations such as Stonewall changed many people's attitudes and led to a…

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It is at the centre of Hinduism life

Christian Views on Contraception

Sexual acts should have the potential to lead to pregnancy
Contraception can protect a woman's health
Bible doesn't agree or disagree
Catholic Church has always taught responsible parenthood and that sex is a gift from God, which


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