Edexcel RE Matters of Life & Death

Edexcel RE Matters of Life & Death - GCSE Level

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Matters of Life & Death­ Section 2
Changing Attitudes
Marriage and Family Life
Most people have sex before they are married
It is much more acceptable for couples to live together before marrying (cohabit)
The average age for marriage has increased (31 for mean and 29 for women)
Fewer people are getting married
Only a minority of marriages happen in a church
Many marriages end in divorce
There is a rise in extended families as mothers in paid employment use retired grandparents as
Re-constituted families are increasing as more people divorce and remarry
Single-parent families have increased as more couples divorce
More families cohabit, where the parents bring up their children aren't married
Homosexual sex was made legal
The Civil Partnerships Act 2004 was introduced giving same-sex relationships the same rights as a
heterosexual couple who entered a couple marriage
Cohabitation and Marriage
The increased availability of the contraception pill has made it safer to have sex
Christianity as lost its influence and so people have not been encouraged to refrain from sex until
they are married
Celebrities have made cohabitation seem acceptable
Television and films have portrayed casual sex as acceptable
It is easier and cheaper to divorce
People live longer and have more leisure time so they spend a longer time together, which might
make tem bored with each other
Women are less prepared to put up with bad treatment from their husbands than they used to and
they are more financially independent
Demographic changes ­ people live longer. Most divorces occur after ten years of marriage, which
was the average length of a marriage 100 years ago as many women died in childbirth
Family Life
There is an increase in cohabiting couples
More divorces means more couples remarry, which means more reconstituted families
The extended family is becoming more popular
The increase of divorces and society accepting unmarried mothers leads to more single parent

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Various law changes more acceptable
Medical research has shown that homosexuality is most probably genetic. Therefore many people
accept it as `normal'.…read more

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It is at the centre of Hinduism life
Christian Views on Contraception
Sexual acts should have the potential to lead to pregnancy
Contraception can protect a woman's health
Bible doesn't agree or disagree
Catholic Church has always taught responsible parenthood and that sex is a gift from God, which
should be used to procreate. Against all forms of artificial contraception
Most Non-Catholic Churches accept contraception as long as the intention is to restrict the size of the
family only.…read more


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