Relationship Formation - The Filter Model

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Theories of Formation:

The Filter Model:

  • This model states that relationships go through three 'filters'.
  • These filters can be remembered as 'DAN'. Demographic, Attitudes, and Needs.
  • Before we begin filtering we look to the 'Field of Availables'. This includes all the people we could possibly have a relationship with.
  • The first filter is then Socio-Demographic Variables. Such variables include similar background, education, location etc. People with different or incompatible variables are 'filtered' out at this point.
  • The second filter is Similar Attitudes. Similar attitudes help aid communication and so the more attitudes, beliefs, and ideas the couple share the more likely they are to form and sustain a relationship. People with different or incompatible attitudes are 'filtered' out at this point.
  • The third filter is Complimentary Needs. Once the relationship is established, complimenting each others needs becomes one of the most important factors.
  • To study the model, Kerkoff and Davies conducted a study using students in a relationship for 18 months. Using self-report questionnaires, the study found that attitude similarity was the most important factor up to 18 months, where complimenting each others needs becomes the most…




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