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Describe and Evaluate two theories of the formation of
romantic relationships
Kerckoff and Davis (1962) presented a form of relationship formation
theory known as the filter model. They believed that we have three filters that
are important at different times before we can enter a relationship. We start
with a…

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Therefore the filter theory can't be applied to all relationships and is an
incomplete explanation for relationship formation.

Moreover, the filter model is reductionist as it simplifies complex
relationships down to three stages. There is more to relationships than the
theory states as the filter theory fails to explain love…

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Furthermore, Aron et al (2005)-found that participants who measured
high on a self-report questionnaire of romantic love also showed strong
activity in particular areas of brain, including the ventral tegmental area.
Intense romantic love associated with high levels of activity in subcortical
reward regions of brain, rich in dopamine. Brain…


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