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Mina abedwali

Two explanations have been proposed for the formation of relationships: the `filter model' and the
reward/need theory.

The filter model proposed by Kerckhoff and Davis (1962) claimed that people rely on a number of
social and personal factors to filter potential relationships from a `field of eligible'. Different…

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Mina abedwali

of the study support the explanation of reward/need theory towards the explanation of the formation of

A drawback to the study is the validity because a questionnaire was given to participants therefore it
may have leading questions so this may decrease the validity of the study as…

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Mina abedwali

one was in a car accident but someone helped them they will then view this person in a positive way
as they presented a positive behaviour.

These theories are over simplistic as it ignores the biological and emotional side of human existence.
This mean that genetic and /or…


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