Reading non fiction texts-questions


The question on comparing writing techniques

There are three steps to answering this question.

  • You need to identify writing techniques used in a text.
  • You need to say what effects these techniques have - why are they used?
  • You then need to do the same for another text, saying which techniques and effects are similar and which ones are different.

This means in your answer you will have to write at least four paragraphs describing:

  1. which writing techniques are used
  2. why these techniques are used
  3. how these are similar or different from writing techniques from another text
  4. why these similar or different writing techniques are used in the other text

Your marks will be spread evenly across these four sections.

Identifying writing techniques

The question is similar to question 2, but instead of identifying presentational devices, you will be identifying and comparing writing techniques. You therefore need to know what writing techniques to look for and why each of them is used. Different techniques…


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