Genre, audience, purpose and style


Showing you understand GAPS


Genre means the form of your non-fiction text. The lists below describe a few different forms.

If your non-fiction text is a letter:

  • put your address at the top right of the paper
  • put the address of the person you are writing to at the top left of the paper
  • start with "Dear..."
  • sign "Yours sincerely," (if you know the person's name) or "Yours faithfully," (if you don't - eg if you're addressing an organisation).

If your text is a newsletter:

  • give the newsletter a bold heading
  • use all the presentational devices you think you need - eg picture boxes and captions, subheadings, boxes for quotations etc

If it is a magazine article:

  • use a heading
  • write an introductory paragraph
  • use a by-line ("by X" or "writes X")

TIP: make sure you understand what different genres look like. If in doubt…


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