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English Revision
Unit 1 ­ Section A…read more

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Assessment Objectives
Understand text, useful
evidence and comparisons
1) Read and understand texts, selecting
material appropriate to purpose, collating
from different sources and making
comparisons and cross-references when
2) Explain and evaluate how writers use
language, structural and presentational
devices to achieve effects and engage and
influence the reader
Features of language/ grammar and
structural/ presentational devices…read more

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P urpose
A udience
F orm
F ormality/Features…read more

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Advertisements Biography/
Bill Boards
Internet Texts
blogs/ journals
Information leaflets…read more

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· Persuade: convince someone to do
· Argue: show your point of view
· Advise: give help/ support
· Inform: give information
· Explain: WWWWW+H (5 bums on a chair)
· Describe: evoke senses
· Review: looking back and giving opinion
· Comment: form a judgement…read more

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Clues for Audience
· Illustrations Who the text is aimed at
· The formality
· The tone
· The language
· The presentation…read more

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