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Revision summary for English Language
Language features: Sentence and paragraph types, significant vocabulary, punctuation, Imagery (similes,
metaphors and personification) and other linguistic devices and the style of language.

1) Sentences and paragraphs:

-Short sentences can suggest speed or excitement, e.g. He ran forward. The ball fell at his feet. He…

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3) Similes, metaphors and linguistic techniques

You must be familiar with writing about simile, metaphor, alliteration and onomatopoeia; it is frequent that
writers use these techniques in non-fiction texts.

This Extract from an autobiography includes effective examples of all of them

They held us in a small room. (1) We…

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-examples, quotations or anecdotes, giving credibility to what is written: Only yesterday, a shop assistant said
to me...

-humour, to get the audience on the side of the writer: There was more life in my popcorn than this film.

-lists, for emphasis: She packed the potatoes on top of the…


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