Genre, audience, purpose and style


Sample questions - notes and answers

Sample notes

Here are some notes based on responses to two sample questions, which clearly identify the genre, audience, purpose and style appropriate to answer each question.


Write a letter to a friend, explaining why you would like him or her to join you in a visit to a place which you think is very special.


GENRE Letter (of invitation) AUDIENCE A friend (a teenager like you) PURPOSE Explain and describe (one of your favourite places) STYLE Chatty but persuasive and detailed Question

Some people think it's wrong that primitive peoples and their communities are disrupted by tourists and TV crews, and that they should be left in peace. Write an article for a travel magazine which argues for or against this idea.


GENRE Magazine article AUDIENCE Adults (who make decisions about where to go on holiday) PURPOSE Argue (for or against tourism to primitive places) STYLE Formal and serious but personal and persuasive

A sample answer

Look at the following sample question and answer for ideas on how to write a persuasive letter.


Write a letter to the local newspaper complaining about an article critical of teenagers. Argue that teenagers simply do not have enough facilities to keep them busy.

After laying out the addresses and dates correctly, you might go…


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