R.E The Identity of Jesus

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Jesus is baptised

  • Today Christians use baptism to follow the example of Jesus and the disciples and to show that they want to become Christians
  • At baptism when they become a Christian, the hold spirit enters the person to give them new life
  • Christians believe that all humanity was born with original sin because of the time Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.
  • When someone is baptised the original sin is washed away

Peter at Caesarea Philippi

  • Important as it gives nformation about how Jesus' teaching were being received at the time
  • This is the first time that someone recognises Jesus as the Messiah
  • Peter was the leader of the disciples when Jesus left, but he shared the responsiblity for the Church

The Transfiguration

  • Some Christians find this story difficult to accept. Don't know how characters from hundreds of years ago could actually appear.
  • The disciples might of imagined it
  • Others take it literally 'Nothing is impossible for God'

Jesus Calms a Storm

  • Some find it difficult to believe this story, as the story goes against the laws of nature
  • Some believe that it is scientificly impossible
  • Some see this story as an allegory (the storm represents the persecution faced by Christians at the time)

The feeding of the five thousand

  • difficult to believe that this miracle actually happened. Impossible to feed 5,000 on such little food.
  • They think Jesus' story is an exaggeration to show Jesus' power
  • Some don't think it matters if it happened or…


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