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Gospel means Good News. They tell us about Jesus life mission and death.


Four Ways Christians Interpret the Bible

literalism – every singe word in the Bible is literally true

fundamentalism – the Bible is a factual historical record and it shouldn’t be questioned

conservative view – writers views and opinions have been written within the Bible inspired by God so each word is not literally from God, we must use common sense and guidance from the Holy Spirit to interpret it

liberal view – authors were guided by God but as humans make mistakes everything shouldn’t be taken literally, the Bible can be interpreted symbolically as stories have a spiritual deeper meaning

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Mark 1:1

This is the Good News about Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Opening of Mark’s Gospel

Mark makes it clear that the gospel is good news and it is written by a believer for other believers or potential believers it is written from faith and for faith    

About Mark

John Mark was from Jerusalem is one of the four evangelists that wrote the gospels he wrote the Gospel between 64-66AD in Syria or Egypt but the traditional view is in Rome his gospel is believed to be the first and the only eye witness account Matthew, Luke and John were believed to look at Mark’s gospel for guidance his sources included Peter and early Christians

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most of the information probably came from word of mouth as that was the most common way of passing down information and most people in those times were not literate talitha koum” is Aramaic and was said by Jesus in Jairus daughter, only an eye witness would have known his actually words    


Mark was one of Peters (Jesus closest companion) disciples so heard all his teaching about Jesus

Twelve Disciples

they held meetings in Marks mothers house, so he was there and heard everything they were saying

Paul & Barnabus

Mark went on a mission with them to preach and spread the word of Jesus

Written Sources

stories of Jesus were written down for preachers and teachers to use, the passion story would have been written down by an eye witness

Eye Witnesses

people who heard Jesus preaching and saw his miracles

Ur Markus

he wrote an earlier gospel written in Aramaic which was the first version or draft he worked from

Divine Inspiration

the Holy Spirit guided him and God directly inspired him

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Reasons for writing the Gospel were:

Christians being persecuted in Rome: to give hope and courage to those who are afraid

 apostles dying: eye witnesses were getting older and future generations might miss out

 heresy: to stop the threat of false beliefs, to confirm and strengthen peoples faith

 delay of the second coming: since the world was not ending soon, the good news had to be passed down to generations

 teachings: to teach future generations about Jesus and the word of God

 stop political conflict: to show the government that Jesus was not a threat to their power and ruling

 stop social conflict: early Christians could not take part in social events like offerings as they didn’t believe in it and they were thought of as cannibals and vampires because we eat and drink Christ

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21st Century

Mark’s Gospel is a moral guide for us of how to act and behave in our life on Earth to be good Christians so that we can receive eternal life in the Kingdom of God. We must listen and follow it’s teachings as it has been inspired by God and has the words of which Jesus spoke. Even in this century there is still evil and temptation in the world so we can look at the Gospel for help, support, inspiration and advice. Jesus was human so he felt and went through everything we are going through. He too went through hard and difficult times facing betrayal, suffering, execution and death. But there is a happy ending and that is what we must learn from the Gospel. We should persevere and lead a good life trying to be a good disciple and follower of Jesus Christ because in the end all the hurt and suffering we felt on Earth will go away when we are rewarded eternal life in the Kingdom of God.

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Jesus' Ministry




The first catholic sacrament is infant baptism, it is a sacrament of initiation as you are joining the Catholic faith. Baptism represents the death of a person to their old sinful way of life and rising with Jesus to a new life. It removes the infant’s original sin which we all inherit from Adam and Eve. It represents the start of a new Catholic life.



Mark 1:9-11

John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the river Jordan

 as he came up out of the water, he saw heaven opening and the Holy Spirit coming down in the form of a dove

 a voice came from heaven saying “you are my own dear Son and I am pleased with you”


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represents the beginning of the end


Jesus did not sin but he took on the sins of humanity

 it marked the beginning of Jesus public ministry, three years of teaching and healing

 he is setting an example which we should follow

 John is Jesus cousin and is preparing the way of the Messiah

 the trinity is together for the first time

 God shows his approval as Jesus starts his ministry and the holy spirit is there to help him in his long journey

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Jesus has just been baptised, his public acceptance of his Messianic Mission. He is the Chosen (Anointed) One, sent by God to bring the Kingdom of God. Jesus has great power and authority and his temptation emphasises his authority.




Mark 1:12-13

the Spirit sent Jesus to the desert

he stayed there for 40 days, while being tempter by Satan

 wild animals were there, but also angels came and helped him


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he goes to pray in the desert to prepare for the upcoming events

Satan and the wild animals are seen as opposition to God, leading Jesus and humans astray

 Jesus faith is tested but he shows he has power to resist temptation, we should try and follow this example

 angels are the messengers of God they help and give support to those good people going through difficult times, God is helping Jesus

 we should do as Jesus did and refuse temptation

 it shows that if we do as God wants he will protect us

  has strong will power physically, emotionally and spiritually, self discipline and devotion to God  

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Caesarea Philippi


The beginning of the end, from this point on almost everything Jesus said and did pointed towards his ending.



Mark 8:27-33

Jesus and his disciples went to Caesarea when he asked “who do people say I am?”

they answered “some say John the Baptist, others say Elijah, while others say you are one of the prophets”

Jesus asked “who do you say I am?”

Peter replied “you are the Messiah” and Jesus told them not to tell anyone

Jesus teaches them and prophesizes about the Son of Man then Peter began to rebuke him

Jesus says “get behind me Satan! you don’t have in mind the things of God but the things of men”

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first of the passion predictions


Peter thinks like a man not remembering God’s mission and purpose for Jesus


Peter is referred to as Satan, tempting an easier path


everything points to Jesus death now as it is a turning point, he will suffer, die and rise from the dead after three days


Jesus told them not to tell anyone as he wanted to avoid arrest at this time to have more time to spread the word and make more people believe

he wanted to reward those who truly believe him and didn’t want everyone to find out until he was dead

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Transfiguration is a change or transformation in the appearance of a person or thing very noticeably, usually in a very positive and often spiritual way.


Mark 9:2-8

Jesus took Peter, James and John up a high mountain

as they went up Jesus clothes became shining white

the three disciples then saw Elijah and Moses talking with Jesus

Peter asked to make three tents

a cloud appeared “this is my own dear Son, listen to him”

then they only saw Jesus with them

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Jesus clothes transform into a pure divine white colour symbolising his divinity and without sin ready to start his mission which God sent him to do


the disciples are still not fully believers as they got scared and offered ghosts tents


the trinity is present for the second time, God commands people to listen to him


it takes place in a high mountain which shows his closeness with God


Moses is the law giver as he received the 10 commandments, this shows Jesus has come to change the old laws and is the new law giver


Elijah is the greatest of the prophets as he foretold that the Son of God would come to save us, this shows Jesus is the fulfillment of the prophets and is the one the prophets predicted to come

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Jesus Mission

Jesus was sent to Earth to suffer, die and rise from the dead to save us.


The stories are water shed events, everything changes and show the beginning of the end. Everything now points to his mission and what he was sent to do.



The Messianic Secret

Jesus doesn’t want them to tell anyone as

  wanted people to find faith for themselves. Jesus planned everything, therefore didn't want people to kill him before his time. He wanted to spread the news the make more people believe. He never announced his true identity as we wanted for his actions to speak for themselves and allowed people to become to true followers because of faith. At the trial Jesus says “I am” when asked “are you the Messiah the Son of the glorious God?” this is the end of the Messianic secret.  

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Mark 11:1-11


  Jesus “go to the town you will find a donkey tied up which no on has ridden untie it and bring it to me, if anyone asks tell him its Master needs it”

 his followers did and they let them take it

 they put their cloaks on the donkey, Jesus sat on it and they entered Jerusalem

 many people spread their cloaks on the road and other spread palm leaves

 many shouting “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David! Hosanna in the highest!”

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Jesus foretold that where the donkey would be indicating he has amazing power and knows what is going to happen including his death

Jesus is shown to be King even though he is going to be put to death

 people shouting Hosanna, waving their palm leaves and putting their cloaks on the ground are the same people who condemn Jesus to his death

 Jesus is fulfilling old testament prophecy, making the scriptures come true

 Messianic Secret is being revealed, Jesus is the Messiah who comes in peace and humility

 shows Jesus to be a triumphant peaceful humble leader as he enters Jerusalem on a donkey

 Hosanna means save us and refers to King David, Messiah said to be the Son of David

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Anointing At Bethany


 Mark 14:1-11

a woman broke a flask and poured an ointment of pure nard which was very expensive over Jesus head

angrily “why has she wasted it? It could have been sold for more than a days wage and given to the poor”

Jesus said “leave her alone she has done a beautiful thing for me, for you always have the with you and whenever you want you can do good for them but you will not always have me, she has anointed my body beforehand for burial and whenever the Good News is preached in the world what she has done will be told and people will remember her”


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 understood what she was doing and praised her generosity, saw her as performing burial preparation rites


Kings in the old testament were anointed to show they’d been chosen by God, Jesus is the anointed one

 hinting that his death is near and that there will be no time after his death to anoint his body

 shows that they don’t realize Jesus is not going to be with them for much longer

 women were an important of Jesus life and shows that this women understood more

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The Last Supper

Mark 14:12-25

on the first day of unleavened bread Jesus told them “go to the city following a man carrying a jar of water, say to the master of the house ‘teacher says where is my guest room where I may eat the Passover with my disciples”

 disciples found a large room where they prepared the Passover

 as the twelve ate at the table “one of you will betray me who is dipping bread into bowl with me, Son of man will die as the scriptures say, but how terrible it will be for the person who hands the Son of Man over to be killed it would have been better for him if he had not been born”

 Jesus took bread blessed and broke it giving it to them “take it, this is my body”

 he took the cup gave thank and shared it with them “this is my blood of the covenant which is poured out for many, I will not drink again until I drink it new in the kingdom of God”

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emphasizes his power of foretelling


Passover remember the Jews being freed from slavery in Egypt


shows that he even cares for the person who is going to betray him as he knows that he is going to suffer a lot


Jesus shows that he is sacrificing himself for humanity offering his body and blood so that we be saved


he is going to fulfill the promise God made to us in the Old Testament


this is the last time Jesus has a meal with his disciples

last time Jesus drinks wine as he has to die naturally to fulfill the prophets

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Garden of Gethsemane

they went to a place called Gethsemane


Jesus took Peter, James and John along with him “sit here awake and keep watch while I pray”


Jesus fell to the ground “Abba, Father everything is possible for you, take this cup from me and yet not what I will but what you will”


he saw his disciples sleeping “couldn’t you keep watch for one hour? watch  and pray so that you will not fall into temptation, the spirit is willing but the flesh it weak”


Jesus prayed the same thing and went back to find them sleeping again, their eyes were heavy and didn’t know what to say to him

he returned the third time “are you still sleeping? enough, the hour has come and the Son of Man is delivered into the hands of sinners, rise let us go here comes my betrayer”

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pain: feels hurt because of his cup of suffering

neglect: disciples not supporting and understand, also Judas betrays him

fear: praying to God, throwing himself on the ground

rejection: disciples fall asleep, God not helping

loneliness: no support from disciples, feels disconnected from God

acceptance: understands his mission and what he has to do, his fate



Jesus shows his humanity as he is scared, full off distress and anguish

Jesus refers himself to the Son of God and shows his human side as he is angry at the disciples and asks his father not to allow him to die

the disciples shows they’re not understanding and their fallibility, they lack strength and belief in Jesus mission

it is at this point Jesus puts himself completely into his father’s hands

this story teaches Christians that Jesus felt scared at what he had to face



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Arrest of Jesus

Mark 14:43-52

Judas arrived with a crowd armed with swords and clubs and had given them a signal “the man I kiss is the one you want, arrest him and take him away under my guard”


he then went up to Jesus and said “teacher” then kissed him


they arrested Jesus and one of them struck his sword cutting a High Priests slaves ear


Jesus said “did you have to come with swords and clubs to capture me as if were an outlaw? I was with you teaching in the temple and you didn’t arrest me, but the scriptures must come true”

all the disciples ran away and they tried to arrest a young man following Jesus but he ran away naked leaving the cloth behind

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Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss, one of the disciples shows violence by cutting off the slaves ear and the disciples run away, highlighting the failings of the disciples


the High Priest brought armed soldiers because they are afraid that Jesus followers will fight

this story teaches Christians that Jesus is peaceful as he doesn’t resist his arrest, also his true care for others as even when getting arrest he heals the slave

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