Religious Studies; Religious Expression.

Key words.

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A sign, badge, object etc. which is used to show, simply, a deeper, religious or spiritual meaning, eg. the cross/crucifix symbolises Jesus' death for mankinds sins, as does the bread and wine (Christ's body and blood) in the communion service.

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A group of people who are joined together because they share someting in common which gives them a sense of belonging. This could be a religion or a church; or a town or ethnice minority.

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Sharing one's beliefs with other in hope of converting them. Methods could include personal conversation, knocking on doors or events at a church, eg. Seeker Service, or an Alpha Course.

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To have trust or confidence. Religious faith is a conviction that there is a God and that living for Him is important. Believers feel this gives meaning to life.

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The sense of who you are; attitudes, character and personality. People's beliefs re often important in giving them their identity, belonging to god and a religious community such as a church os mosque.

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A form of spiritual journey. It may visit the places here a religion began, eg. Bethlehem where Jesus was born, or Jerusalem where he died and rose again. It may strengthen people's faith and make it seem more real.

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Something to be revered or respected above other things. It will be something that people are reluctant to see changed. It may be seen as special because of a link to god. 

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