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Topic 1 Background to Mark's Gospel
Gospel is something that holds absolute truth. It is also the teaching and revelation of Christ.
The word Gospel means `Good News'. `Good News' is that Jesus is the Son of God Jesus is
the Christ. Glad annunciation that sin may be pardoned, and the soul saved.
Mark 1: 1 The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
In the first sentence of St. Mark's Gospel we get an understanding of who Jesus is. Jesus is
the Lord's human name given to Mary by the angel Gabriel and Christ isn't Jesus' surname.
Christ comes from the Greek word Christos, meaning `anointed one' or `chosen one'. This is
the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word Mashiach (Messiah). Hence Jesus Christ means
`Jesus the Messiah' or `Jesus the Anointed One'. From the beginning of his Gospel, Mark
wants to show that Jesus is the Messiah who the Jewish people have waited for. His title
signifies he was sent from God to be a King and Deliverer. Jesus is also the Son of God which
reveals the divinity of Jesus and promise of the kingdom of heaven to those who believe.
Sources of Mark's gospel:
Primary Secondary
Peter and other disciples Mark got lots Written scripture and collection of
of his information from peter as well as teaching some Christian communities
the other disciples would have had some of the stories
Peter was there during Jesus' ministry. about Jesus written down. Also events
There are details in many stories. In the leading up to Jesus crucifixion would
calming of the storm Mark said Jesus have been there because they are
was asleep on a pillow in the stern of important
the boat. The story of Jarius' daughter is
very vivid and Jesus' words were
recorded in Aramaic.
Eyewitnesses Mark might have met Matthews Gospel/ synoptic gospels
people like Simon of Cyrene and Historians think that Matthew's gospel
Bartimaeus who had known Jesus was written first so mark used it as the
directly, he also might have talked to basis of his writing
other Christians who might have
witnessed events like the feeding of the
Personal experience Mark may have Oral tradition this was the common
witnessed events such as the last supper form of passing information because
and the arrest of Jesus in the garden of most people couldn't write.
Gethsemane himself
Divine inspiration Some Christians Paul and Barnabas they did not know
believe that Mark was directly inspired Jesus personally but when Mark
by God therefore everything is the accompanied them to Cyprus he
Gospel would be accurate and correct would have heard them passing Jesus'

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Topic 1 Background to Mark's Gospel
`Mark's gospel is not reliable because the writer of the Gospel didn't personally know Jesus.'
Do you agree? (6)
Even though John Mark didn't personally know Jesus, some of his sources did. Peter was
one of Jesus' closest disciples so would have been present at many events and would have
passed on details of stories about Jesus.…read more

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Topic 1 Background to Mark's Gospel
The Bible is not a science book ­ there is
no problem in believing in evolution and
seeing the creation story in Genesis as
Conservatives look for truths in the
message of the Bible. Some of these are
that God created the world, spoke
through the prophets, came to earth in
Jesus, who died and rose from the dead
and so on.
Liberals believe that the The Bible contains spiritual truths not
writers of the Bible literal truths.…read more

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Topic 1 Background to Mark's Gospel
Christianity appealed to people mainly because of the religion's key concepts like
forgiveness and equality. Sins can be forgiven if you are genuinely sorry for what you have
done (along with criminals). Women were discriminated, in Christianity everyone was equal.
Outcasts will be accepted and slaves were illtreated but everyone in Christianity were
supposed to be treated equally.
On the other hand, Christians were unpopular. They were seen as unsociable because they
didn't come to parties.…read more

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Topic 1 Background to Mark's Gospel
Why did Mark write the gospel? (Reason)
At first people thought there was no need for a gospel because many eyewitnesses could
keep Jesus' memory alive. They were also able to correct and prevent false beliefs from
rising. Some teachings suggested that there was to be a second coming of Christ in their
lifetime and that the present age was about to end. Therefore, there will be no need for a
gospel.…read more


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