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Topic 1 Background to Mark's Gospel

Gospel is something that holds absolute truth. It is also the teaching and revelation of Christ.
The word Gospel means `Good News'. `Good News' is that Jesus is the Son of God Jesus is
the Christ. Glad annunciation that sin may be pardoned, and…

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Topic 1 Background to Mark's Gospel

`Mark's gospel is not reliable because the writer of the Gospel didn't personally know Jesus.'
Do you agree? (6)
Even though John Mark didn't personally know Jesus, some of his sources did. Peter was
one of Jesus' closest disciples so would have been present…

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Topic 1 Background to Mark's Gospel

The Bible is not a science book ­ there is
no problem in believing in evolution and
seeing the creation story in Genesis as
Conservatives look for truths in the
message of the Bible. Some of these are
that God created the world,…

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Topic 1 Background to Mark's Gospel

Christianity appealed to people mainly because of the religion's key concepts like
forgiveness and equality. Sins can be forgiven if you are genuinely sorry for what you have
done (along with criminals). Women were discriminated, in Christianity everyone was equal.
Outcasts will be accepted…

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Topic 1 Background to Mark's Gospel

Why did Mark write the gospel? (Reason)
At first people thought there was no need for a gospel because many eyewitnesses could
keep Jesus' memory alive. They were also able to correct and prevent false beliefs from
rising. Some teachings suggested that there was…


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