GCSE Edexcel Religious StudiesMarks Gospel – Death and resurrection

The third unit of the Marks Gospel exam. Hope it helps :)

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3.1 The Last Supper 3.2 Why is the Last Supper important
for Christians today?
The story:
Why is this ceremony so important to Christians today?
Jesus tells the disciples to go to the city to prepare Different ways Christians interpret the bread and wine
the meal for Passover ceremony today:
He gave then further details and they all did as he
asked Jesus words and actions are full of meaning, so when
Jesus arrived in the evening and tells them all that they re-enact Jesus' final meal, Christians are
one of them will betray him reminded of the sacrifice Jesus made for them
Jesus took the bread and gave thanks, saying "this is The symbolic meal brings them into the presence of
my body" the living Jesus. This enables them to draw strength
Jesus said that the wine was his blood, shed for from Jesus to lead he thesort
humanity them. It also strengthens Christians' belief that they
They leave and go to the Mount Of OF Olives
olives will share in J
esus' resurrection.
He tells them that they will all leave him The sharing of bread and wine brings Christians
He tells peter the prophecy about the cock crowing together in `communion', giving them strength to
twice support each other.
St Pauls letter in Corinthians (1 Corinthians 11:23-26)
What was the meaning of the last supper for mark? told early Christians how important Jesus' words and
actions at the Last Supper were. He says Jesus
This was Jesus' final meal with the disciples before
commanded his followers to copy his actions and
his trial and crucifixion. Son of God knew this was his
words in the future
last meal, so his words and actions had special
The command to repeat these actions to remember
significance, but the disciples did not understand this
Jesus means that the Eucharist became the heart of
at the time
Christian communal worship
Last supper ­ linked closely to Passover meal. He
Jesus says that the wine they share is a reminder of
wanted his readers to understand that Jesus' death
the new covenant God has made with his people
signalled the new covenant, or relationship, with God
through Jesus' sacrifice.
The account shows Jesus being a good Jew who
followed the rules of Passover. He already had a
What do Christians gain from eating the bread and
room prepared for the meal. The other preparations
drinking the wine?
would include checking it was clean.
The disciples were sent to collect the ritual items for Most Christians (apart from Quakers and Salvation
the meal. Symbolic items like red wine, unleavened Army) have ceremony based on the last supper
bread and bitter herbs. Commemoration: Protestants and non-conformists ­
take the bread and wine to fulfil Jesus command to
What was the significance of the Last Supper for Mark? do it in his memory. They remind them of Jesus' body
What this means for Christians today: and blood
Receptionism: Anglicans ­believe that Jesus is
Reminds Christians of the suffering that was to come
spiritually present in the bread and wine. By eating
The sacrifice of lambs symbolised the covenant, or
the bread and drinking the wine, Christians believe
promise God had made with the Jews to save them.
that they become part of Jesus. Called Holy
Jesus was about to shed his own blood as a sign of a
Communion, to emphasize their belief that by
new covenant between God and his people, which
eating/drinking the bread and wine, they are joined
would save them from sin and death
to each other with Jesus in a sacred way. Also called
By emphasising the connection between the last
the Eucharist (`thanksgiving') reminds Christians the
supper + Passover, mark was giving early Christians
sacrifice Jesus made for them.
(who were being persecuted) hope, showing that
Transubstantiation: Christians, Roman Catholics ­
Jesus would save those who believed in him.
bread and wine actually become Jesus' body and
Marks readers understood that Jesus was the one
blood. Christians believe that they are magically
predicated in the old testament as mark made
transformed, so they are consuming Jesus
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3.4 Betrayal and arrest
The story:
The story:
Judas appeared with an armed crowd, come to arrest
They went to a place called Gethsemane; Jesus took
peter, James and John with him.
Judas told them that "the one I kiss is the man;
He told them to watch while he prayed.
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The Crucifixion 3.8 Why is the Crucifixion important for
Christians today?
The story:
Why did Jesus have to die?
Simon was forced to help Jesus carry the cross
Jesus was offered a mild anaesthetic, but refused it. Original sin ­ Adam and Eve's sin continued down
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The Burial 3.10 The Resurrection
What evidence is there that Jesus was really dead when The story:
he was buried?
After the Sabbath, Mary Magdalene, Mary and
Jesus died very quickly, compared others. He was Salome, went to Jesus' tomb to anoint his body,
flogged before so this would have severely They arrived to find the stone rolled away and the
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Why does the resurrection have Questions
significance for Christians today?
c) Explain why the Last Supper was important to Mark (8)
The problem of the resurrection: c) Explain why the Last Supper is important for Christians
21st C. Christians have problems as the idea of d) `Because Jesus' Last Supper was part of Passover, it has
someone coming back from the dead is impossible no relevance for Christians today'
i) Do you agree? (3)
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