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3.1 The Last Supper 3.2 Why is the Last Supper important
for Christians today?
The story:
Why is this ceremony so important to Christians today?
Jesus tells the disciples to go to the city to prepare Different ways Christians interpret the bread and wine
the meal for Passover ceremony today:…

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3.3 Jesus' prayers in the Garden of
3.4 Betrayal and arrest
The story:
The story:
Judas appeared with an armed crowd, come to arrest
They went to a place called Gethsemane; Jesus took
peter, James and John with him.
Judas told them that "the one I kiss is…

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3.5 The trial before the High Priest 3.6 The trial before Pontius Pilate

The story: The story:

Jesus was taken to the high priest, with peter Jesus was given to Pilate and asked "are you the king
following at a distance of the Jews?"
The chief priests and the Sanhedrin…

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3.7 The Crucifixion 3.8 Why is the Crucifixion important for
Christians today?
The story:
Why did Jesus have to die?
Simon was forced to help Jesus carry the cross
Jesus was offered a mild anaesthetic, but refused it. Original sin ­ Adam and Eve's sin continued down
His clothes were…

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3.9 The Burial 3.10 The Resurrection
What evidence is there that Jesus was really dead when The story:
he was buried?
After the Sabbath, Mary Magdalene, Mary and
Jesus died very quickly, compared others. He was Salome, went to Jesus' tomb to anoint his body,
flogged before so this would…

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3.11 Why does the resurrection have Questions
significance for Christians today?
c) Explain why the Last Supper was important to Mark (8)
The problem of the resurrection: c) Explain why the Last Supper is important for Christians
21st C. Christians have problems as the idea of d) `Because Jesus'…


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