WJEC RE Paper 1 - Roman Catholicism (Identity,Diversity and Belonging)

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Unit 1 - Identity, Diversity and Belonging
Being Catholic
Belonging means to be feel a sense of security in friendship and to be accepted
Belonging gives you a sense of identity
Roman Catholics are distinguished from other denominations of Christianity as they have
- Seven Sacraments
- Mediators (Mary and Priests connect us to God)
- Magisterium (Pope and Bishops are the teaching authority of the church)
- Role of the Saints
Creed - A Statement of belief
Trinity - God, Son and Holy Spirit
The creeds are statements of main Christian beliefs
The creed brings Christians together in prayer
Nicene creed was written to define what Christians must believe
- There is only one god
- The Father, Son and Spirit are one but also three distinct people
- Jesus Christ was completely God and completely human
Apostles Creed sums up the most important teachings
- God is the creator
- Jesus was born of a virgin
- He was crucified and rose again and is now seated in heaven
- For Christians there is the hope of forgiveness and eternal life
Benefits of Being Catholic
Friendship, Comfort and Support (Friendship through the church community and support through charities and other trusts e.g. marital help)
Framework for decision making (Jesus' teachings, sermons from priests, Ten Commandments, Views on right and wrong actions)
Framework for a abetter attitude to life ( More loving and forgiving, a sense of identity, belonging and purpose)
Challenges Facing Roman Catholics
Challenge 1 - Atheism (A belief that there is no God)
Challenge 2 - Secular Society (Not spiritual or Religious)
Our government is secular and has no religious ties so many laws are disregarding Catholic beliefs. Examples of which are Abortion is legal in the
UK up to the 24th Week of pregnancy where Catholics believe life begins at conception and only God can take a life from this earth and also
Same sex marriage is legal where Christians believe they cannot fulfil their life as they cannot reproduce together and the bible says that
marriage is the joining of a man and a woman.
Relativism - Bending the rules to suit a certain situation
Absolutism - Obeying the rules exactly and bending the situation around the rules
Challenge 3 - Multiculturalism
This is the protection of other faiths, cultures and cultural identities to create a united society, nation or state. This provides positives and
negatives to the catholic church. On the up side more people are becoming catholic because of the mainly catholic influence in our country but
other faiths are seen as a threat to main stream catholic beliefs.
Exclusive Approach - Jesus is the only way to God
- 'I am the way, the truth and the life. No-one can come to the father except
through me'
Inclusive Approach - Allows other religions to believe differently
- However, Christians still holds the full truth
Pluralist Approach - Religions concentrate on reality
- People choose the best suited religion for them to reach God
Interfaith Dialogue - Conversation between faiths, good for diversity (Bradford Faith Forum)
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