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Sex Outside of Marriage-

Christian attitude-

Sex was given to humans by God for the procreation of children

The Bible says that sex outside of marriage (adultery and sex before marriage) is sinful

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that pre-marital sex is wrong

All Christians are against adultery as it breaks the marriage vows made in front of God

Adultery is condemned in the Ten Commandments

Adultery is condemned by Jesus

Muslim attitude-

Sex before marriage is forbidden by the Qur’an, which also states that boys and girls should be separated after puberty

Shari’ah Law says that sex should only take place within marriage

Islam teaches that the purpose of sex is for the procreation of children, and children should only be born to a mother and father who are marries

Adultery is condemned by Allah in the Qur’an

Adultery breaks the marriage contract


The Catholic attitude

The Catholic Church does not allow religious divorce re-marriage

The only way the marriage contract can be dissolved is by the death of a partner

Legal separation of spouses is allowed if the couple find it impossible to lie together or if it will ensure proper care of their children – however the couple are still religiously married and so can not re-marry


Jesus taught that divorce was wrong in Mark’s Gospel

The couple have made a covenant (promise) with God, which cannot be broken by an earthly power

The Catechism teaches that a marriage cannot be dissolved and so religious divorce is impossible

As there can be no religious divorce there can be no re-marriage

The non-Catholic attitude

Most non-Catholics think that divorce is wrong, but allow it if the marriage has broken down

Most of these churches allow divorced people to re-marry, but usually require them to talk to their priest about why their first marriages failed


Jesus allowed divorce in Matthew 19:9 for a partner’s adultery, showing divorce was acceptable in some circumstances

In some situations Christians must choose the ‘lesser of two evils’ – in some cases a couple staying together would do more harm than divorce

Christians are allowed forgiveness and a second chance if they confess their sins and are truly repentant

These churches teach that it is better to divorce that live in hatred and quarrel all the time


Some Muslims believe divorce is wrong


Muhammad is reported to have said that divorce is the most hated of lawful things

Most marriages are arranged by families so there is parental pressure against divorce

Islam teaches that family is important and divorce could harm the children

Most Muslims believe that divorce should be allowed if the marriage cannot work- 


The Qur’an clearly permits divorce

Shar’iah law permits divorce

Marriage is seen as a contract in Islam so it can be broken if the terms of the contract are not met

Religions and Family Life

Why family life is important to Christians?

One of the main purposes of Christian marriage…


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