Marriage and The Family

This has the Muslim and Christian attitudes.

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Shannon Brown
Marriage and the family
Changing attitudes to marriage and family life
Most people have sex before they are married
It is much more acceptable for couples to live together before marrying (cohabit)
The average age for marriage has increased (31 for man and 29 for women)
Fewer people are getting married
Only a minority of marriages happen in a church
Many marriages end in divorce
More families cohabit, where the parents bring up their children aren't married
Homosexual sex was made legal
The Civil Partnerships Act 2004 was introduced giving same-sex relationships the same rights
as a heterosexual couple who entered a couple marriage
Reason for change
Cohabitation and Marriage
The increased availability of the contraception pill has made it safer to have sex
Christianity has lost its influence and so people have not been encouraged to refrain from
sex until they are married
Celebrities have made cohabitation seem acceptable
Television and films have portrayed casual sex as acceptable
It's easier and cheaper.
Women are less prepared to put up with bad treatment from their husbands than they used
Women are more financially independent.
Family Life
Increase in cohabiting couples.
More divorces mean more re-marry which means more re-constituted families.
The increase of divorces and society accepting unmarried mothers leads to more single
parent families.
Various law changes make it more acceptable.
Medical research has shown that homosexuality is most probably genetic. Therefore many
people accept it as `normal'.
The increased openness of gay celebrities has led to greater acceptance of homosexuality.
Christian attitudes to sex outside marriage

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Shannon Brown
Christianity teaches that sex was given to humans by God for the procreation of children and
children should be brought up in a Christian family so sex should only take place within a
The Bible says pre-marital sex and promiscuity is sinful.
Adultery is also condemned in the 10 Commandments which all Christians follow it is also
condemned by Jesus in the Gospels.
All Christians are against adultery because it breaks the wedding vows to be faithful to each
other.…read more

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Shannon Brown
Most Muslims
Divorce should be allowed if the marriage isn't working.
The contract of the marriage has clauses about what would happen if the couple divorce for
example the husband must give his wife the money he put in trust for her ­ the mahr.
Muslims must choose the lesser of two evils. They believe divorce is a lesser evil than forcing
a couple to live in hatred and bitterness.…read more

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Shannon Brown
Believe Christians should be open and honest and refusing rights to gay Christians
encourages them to be dishonest and hypocritical about their nature and life.
Muslim attitudes to homosexuality
Condemned by the Qur'an.
Prophet Muhammad condemned it in several hadiths.
Islam teaches the primary aim of sex is for procreation.
God declared in the Qur'an that marriage between a man and a woman is the only lawful
form of sex.…read more

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Shannon Brown
Believe that it is permitted for Muslims to use contraception to limit family size and to
prevent harm to health of the mother.
Several hadith which record that the Prophet permitted the use of coitus interruptus.
If pregnancy is likely to result in the mother's death contraception and must be allowed as
without it would be like suicide which is banned in the Qur'an.…read more


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