Relationships:Christianity and Islam:

Two pages for revision on Unit one WJEC R.E About what Muslims and Christians believe about relationships.

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Relationship Unit
Love: One of the most powerful human emotions that joins people together.
Responsibilities: Actions you are expected to carry out.
Commitment: A sense of dedication and obligation to someone or something.
Chastity: No sex before marriage, to remain sexually pure for marriage.
Conflict: The stresses and strains that take place within all human relationships.
Reconciliation: Saying sorry and making up after an argument.
Sexual Love (Eros): Physical and intimate way of showing affection within a personal
Sentimental love (Storge): Involves a strong attachment to something that may not be able to
respond in the same way, such as an animal or toy. It is a powerful feeling and often one sided.
Friendship (Philia): The warm feeling you have for someone like a friend or relative is something
special that can be called love. There is nothing sexual in this affection.
Unconditional Love (Agape): This love involves doing something and not getting anything in
return, such as the love for a baby. There is great affection and care shown, but the infant may do
nothing in return.
Contraception: Intentionally preventing pregnancy from occurring.
Cohabitation: Living together without being married.
Adultery: A sexual act between a married person and someone other than their marriage
Celibacy: Choosing to lead a life without any form of sexual activity.
Civil partnership: An official ceremony giving same sex couples the same legal rights as a
husband and wife.
Premarital relationships (Fornication): Premarital sex means having sex with somebody
before you marry them.
Promiscuous: Someone who has many sexual relationships at the same time.
Bigamy/Polygamy: Having two/many spouses at the same time.
Remarriage: Marrying again after being divorced from a previous marriage.
Divorce: When a marriage is legally recognized as ended.
Mahr: A dowry, the sum of money a Muslim man gives to his bride before the marriage.
Nikah: The contract that the couples sign it sets out the terms of their marriage.
Walimah: The family wedding reception.
Hadith: collected sayings of Muhammad.
Halal: Behaviour that is correct for Muslims
Haram: Behaviour that is wrong and forbidden for a Muslim.
Christian belief on sex:
Right basis for family life
Important part of a marriage
Sex is a gift from God
Bible teaches that sex belongs in a marriage
Christian attitude to sex outside marriage:
Church of England says that marriage is the proper place to have sexual relationships and
the best environment to bring up children.
Methodist Church teaches that sex belongs in marriage and premarital sex falls short of
God's idea.
NonConformists accept premarital sex may take place as a way of showing love between
a couple who plan to marry
Muslim attitude to sex:
Sex outside marriage is completely forbidden.
In Islam sexual relationships belong in marriage and nowhere else.
Marriage and family life are the foundations of Islamic society.

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Islam and contraception:
Sterilization is forbidden but the use of the pill or condom is allowed.
For some Muslims birth control is allowed.
Prophet Muhammad knew and approve of its use.
Different views among the Muslim community
Some Muslims disagree with contraception as the Quran teaches that a child is Allah's
Marriage since 1951:
In 1973, there was a sudden increase in marriage
The amount of marriages slowly decreased from 19802006.…read more

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Christian Saying:
For sex inside marriage: "Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are
outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body. Do you not know that
your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?" 1
Corinthians 6:1819
For Celibacy: "Now to the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay
unmarried, as I am.…read more


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