Psychology Revision (PY1): Strengths and Weaknesses of the Biological Approach

3a) Evaluate two strengths of the Biological Approach (6)


A first strength of the Biological approach is that it is scientific and only studies observable and measurable behaviour. This is evident in the assumptions as the Biological approach realises that behaviour is caused by a number of biological systems such as the brain, hormones and neurotransmitters which can be tested and measured. It is also evident in the theory as Selye used scientific methods of lab experiments on rats in order to establish to idea of a General Adaptation Syndrome. Finally, it is evident in psychosurgery because the therapy itself is a surgical procedure using scientific technology and equipment to ensure accuracy in modern adaptations of psychosurgery such as MRI scans and capsulotomys which are also objective. This is a strength of the approach because it means that biological theories can be falsified, highly controlled and collect quantitative data which is objective and easy to see patterns and generalise.


A second strength of the Biological Approach is that it has made contributions to society with successful applications. This is evident in that Selye’s General adaptation syndrome has led us to understand that stress causes illness and has therefore been applied in hospitals and in the work place to help us develop ways of dealing with stress. It has also led to the development of effective therapy such as the capsulotomy and cingulotomy in treating disorders such as OCD and depression. Also, the


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