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PY1: Approaches to psychology
Biological approach
Outline two assumption of the biological approach. [4]

One assumption of the biological approach is that the behaviour can be explained in terms of
different areas of the brain. This is because many different areas of the human brain have been
identified as…

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term used to describe the use of psychoactive drugs to treat mental disorders. Antidepressant drug
for example, work on the neurotransmitter serotonin, as it is believed that depression is due to
insufficient amount of this. These drugs generally work by reducing the rate at which certain
neurotransmitters are re-absorbed into…

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The biological approach would make use of non-invasive methods such as brain scan; these include
EEG, CAT, MRI and PET scan. EEG measures brain activities by placing electrodes onto the scalp, and
are useful for investigating things like hemisphere function and stages of sleep. However, they do
not provide us…

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Positive reinforcement is where we receive a reward for our behaviour, negative reinforcement is
where we manage to avoid something unpleasant happening.

Describe the social learning theory of aggression SLT [8]

The SLT of aggression would consider how children could learn aggression both directly and
indirectly. E.g. a child may…

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clown to their birthday party. This approach is adapted for a large number of different anxieties or
phobias and is very effective, although can be criticised for being very time consuming.

Evaluate two strength of the behaviourist approach. [6]

The behaviourist approach is scientific. As they seek to study behaviour…

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behaviour that influences participants to act in the desired way. For example by using a certain tone
of voice it could influence the participant's feedback. Another methodology used by the behaviourist
approach, is the animals in the researches. This is because they believe that there are only
quantitative differences between…

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the storyline that you recall. The true meaning of the dream which is likely to be hidden is known as
the latent content it is the process of the `dreamwork' that disguises latent content, and allows the
dream to continue forming a more acceptable storyline. For example, during dreamwork,

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Cognitive approach
Outline two assumptions of the cognitive approach. [4]

The cognitive approach looks at how thinking shapes our behaviour. An assumption of the cognitive
approach is that behaviour can be explained by mental processes. This approach sees a human has
information processors, where our thinking processors all work together…

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Another important strength to this approach is the way that it has influenced different areas of
psychology, and the impact that it has had everyday life. For example, therapies like CT and CBT is
extremely widely used now in the UK for treating depression. Cognitive psychology has greatly
influenced the…

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experimenter may intentionally or unintentionally bias the outcome, and encourage the participant to
behave/respond in the desired way. This can occur due to the close proximity between
experimenter and participant.


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