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Jade Elton

Cognitive approach

1a) Outline two assumptions of the Cognitive approach (4 marks)

The first assumption of the Cognitive approach is that the mind works in a similar way to a computer (computer
analogy). Mental processes are investigated using models such as the multi-store model of memory. For

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Jade Elton

Once this has been achieved, CBT teaches the client coping skill and new ways of reacting to situations, by
talking to the person about their goals for the future. They then try to help achieve these goals by making
clear the behaviour that is required to reach them.…

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Jade Elton

A strength of using a case study is that they produce rich qualitative data, which provides an in-depth
understanding of the patient or situation. The case study of Clive Wearing has provided an insight into how
the memory works, which would not have been possible in a lab…


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